Brokenmold Entertainment Presents
at Hooch & Hive
$10 advanced priced tickets
18&Up unless accompanied by parent/gaurdian
[in association w Red Eye Booking and Promotion]
Guys who love to hang out and play music! Founded by Dominic Gabasan in high school in 2015, the band had many iterations before the talented Adam Sage and Ian Matheson joined in late 2019. what started off as a small friendship blossomed into a great partnership. The band enjoys and takes Influence from the greats like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Steely Dan, D’Angelo, and Amy Winehouse and more recent artists such as Mac Ayres, Yeek, Omar Apollo, and Steve Lacy.
Treis (or Treis & Friends) is a conceptual Singer/Songwriter project based out of Central Florida, USA. Named after frontman Treis Alexander, the project documents events throughout the singer’s life in a combination of ever-evolving sound, brutal lyrical honesty, and multi-perspective narratives, while using suburbia, classicism, and popular iconography as tools to tell the story.
Treis’ style varies greatly from album to album. In their debut project “HOUSES,” the singer takes a quiet, instrumentally bare, and lyrically heavy take on nostalgia, the naivety of childhood, and the concept of what makes a House a home. Meanwhile, their follow up project, “Homesick” moves towards a more electronic pop sound, and focuses more on metaphor (rather than the storyteller writing featured on the first album) to tell their story. In 2020, Treis revealed four singles for their third LP “Something Like Home,” which revealed a new sound of heady, cerebral, “Suburban Funk” inspired by Nu-Disco and Synthwave artists of the last four decades, mixed with the introspective, narrative lyrical styling of their early works. As of now “Something Like Home” is Treis’ biggest record, eclipsing the streams of both “Houses” and “Homesick” combined.
The band consists of members Treis Alexander (Singer, and instrumentalist), Alex Canon (Bassist), and Rafael Castro (Drums).