Brokenmold Entertainment Presents
Mushroom Netwrk
Witch Hiatus
Except You
at Hooch & Hive
8pm / $10 advanced tickets / All Ages
Nathan Barnitz – Emma Treneff
Long-distance alternative rock duo, Mushroom
Netwrk, will become one of the highest energy
and catchy alternative rock bands out of the
Southeast US. Split between St. Petersburg, FL,
and Asheville, NC. With their debut single out July
1st, and debut EP out August 1st; the duo creates a
unique style mixing Nathan Barnitz’s (bassist of
funk prog band Displace) styles of punk, indie,
funk, and electronica. Paired with Emma Treneff’s
(lead singer & guitarist of local St. Petersburg
punk band Peace Cult) high energy vocals, catchy
melodies, and driving guitar riffs. The group is set
to promote their debut EP on a mini tour through
Florida and North Carolina this fall as a four-piece