“Light time workspace… night time showcase”

Hooch and Hive is a music-centric café, cookery and cocktail haus with a heavy local art influence, good AF sound system, inspired menus, and a deep desire to have a huge impact on Tampa’s creative scene. We focus on the passions of the city’s subcultures and offer an uncommon experience only found outside the mainstream.  

Poised between Tampa’s downtown and a warehouse district, it is centrally located, yet off the beaten path enough to be the afternoon hang for Tampa’s creative. The cozy interior, huge covered patio, free Wi-Fi, sprawling workspace and a full bar make Hooch and Hive a favorite for local artists, musicians, writers, freelancers, road warriors and cultural pollinators. Business folks from downtown and University of Tampa faculty and students help build the really unique and eclectic vibe. Most days, DJ Baristas serve up the caffeine and beats that keep the hive humming all through lunch.

After dark, Hooch and Hive transforms into a space that showcases Tampa’s artists and influencers. Live local and touring bands, DJs, poets, workshops, large outdoor shows, live-artist interview sessions, performance art, fashion shows and art openings are all regular events. Sandi Hein and Amber Wilson, the forces behind Czar, Zoya, Flytrap, Vagabond Gita and Monday Night Moonlight Market, are continuing to do what they do best… providing that place  Tampa night-life tastemakers: knocking an elegant concept down to street-level and splashing in a little awareness… with a side of save the planet. Our staff consists of service industry rock stars, most of whom have graced a stage or two themselves. You’ll recognize more than a few from some of your old haunts. We’re also thrilled to add a couple of new crazy characters and future all-stars for you to come hang with.

Above all, Hooch and Hive is a place that fosters community. We seek to bring together different people, from all backgrounds and scenes, in a unique and welcoming space, with the goal of discovering the things that unite us all.